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Contemporary Basketry with Japanese Influence

Just as my life and work have changed/adapted to meet the current challenges, so has the path of browngrotta arts. Please go to their website, www.browngrotta.com frequently to see their new, very exciting adventures and new venues.

browngrotta is celebrating their 30th anniversary of opening a gallery dedicated to international textiles, mixed media, and dimensional art. The celebration (and it will be a great one!) begins with an exhibition, "Still Crazy After All These Years." I can't wait to receive the catalog and read Janet Koplos' essay. I was so pleased to have two pieces accepted. 

Pods, Seeds & Pollen: Eucalyptus is a rather nostalgic piece. As you may know, I grew up surrounded by my Dad's almond orchard and Grandpa Brownie's apricot orchard. But across the road from our farmhouse, a line of eucalyptus trees lined a dry creek bed. On rainy days, you could smell their distinctive aroma. On windy days, you could hear the long strips of bark banging around. Now I walk my dog, Momo, in Golden Gate Park or at Sutro Heights, and we walk on the eucalyptus pods all year round. I kept a Japanese bowl of these pods on my worktable while I twined this piece. A farmstand at our local Farmers' Market provided me with a bag of dried almond hull so that I could make almond hull dye/ink, and I painted some in to the "valleys" of the surface - Sacramento Valley meets the Parks of San Francisco.

M&M's: I Eat Only The Red Ones is more lighthearted and in keeping with the title of the exhibition. I listened to a great deal of Paul Simon while twining.

Now I find myself humming "You can call me Al" at unexpected times. If you are having a slow day and want a pick me up, the YouTube video of Paul and Chevy Chase singing this will give you a giant smile as it did me!


In 2012 they included my new work, "Pods, Seeds & Pollen: Ranunculus" in their exhibition, "Retrospective/Prospective: 25+ Years of Art Textiles and Sculpture."
This was an exciting collection of art which the catalog beautifully and accurately represents. Tom's detail photographs make you feel as you can almost touch (please don't!) the work, and the essays by JoAnn C. Stabb and Lesley Millar, MBE further enrich the overall experience. Personally, I was excited to read the 1947-2012 tile line. So many names were so familiar, like old friends, even those I never had the honor of meeting.

Over the last 30 years, I have been very fortunate to work with some wonderful galleries. Tom Grotta and Rhonda Brown at browngrotta arts in Wilton, CT now represent me year-round, including SOFA/New York and SOFA/Chicago. Go to their website - www.browngrotta.com and see their fine selection of my work. As the Gallery expands its exhibition schedule, I have been fortunate to have my work taken to all of their new venues, including "Contained Excitement: Pleasures of the Void" (December 2010-January 2011) in collaboration with the Cavin-Morris Gallery, "10th Wave III" (October 2009) and "Art Palm Beach" (January 2010). Three of my pieces (including a favorite, Pebbles in A Stream) were included by browngrotta in "Art of the Table" at Artifact Design Group from October 2008 into January 2009.

Other fine galleries invite me to participate in special exhibitions: Jane Sauer Gallery in Santa Fe, NM; del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles, CA; Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle, WA; Mobilia in Boston, MA; and Snyderman-The Works Galleries in Philadelphia, PA.

Be sure to check back with them periodically. Gallery personnel know when new work is arriving from my studio, and they will be happy to provide you with additional images.

As you may know, I do not sell directly from my studio. I am pleased to be associated with these outstanding galleries, and I leave the selling to them; they leave the creative process to me in my studio.

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