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Contemporary Basketry with Japanese Influence
Photo - Craftsman at work

Recently I purchased a Japanese calendar (365 Days to Japanese) for my friend, Lois Russell, who went to Japan with me on my last tour. I noted on the back that they donate part of the proceeds to those who suffered (and continue to suffer) from the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. What a great way to be involved.


Japanese colleagues and American friends report from Japan that they feel safe and most welcome. Although all the country has not yet fully recovered from the 2011 disaster and damage, it is now time to go there and spend your yen in that beautiful country and take in all it offers.

If you need assistance planning a trip there, contact the expert Nancy Craft at Esprit Travel & Tours (www.esprittravel.com/). You will be guaranteed a rich and rewarding experience.

Photo - Bamgoo grovePhoto - marketPhoto - outdoor market

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